Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay History


Welcome to IN & AccuRay 1960s History

1960-61 Annual Report
Sales to the US Post Office for conveyor systems

1961-62 Annual Report
Shipments to Canada, S. Africa, Australia & Netherlands

1962-63 Annual Report
New Defense & Space Division is formed

1963-64 Annual Report
Established strong marketing and sales organization

1964-65 Annual Report
Special section about Controlled Utilization of Raw Materials

1965-66 Annual Report

1966-67 Annual Report
Improving our customer's profits

1967-68 Annual Report (First all color report)
AccuRay's Computerized Process Management system is highlighted

1968-69 Annual Report
IN completed its first public offering of stock in Dec. 1969

1969 Annual Report
Introducing the APM 800 system [page 10] and photos of the
AccuRay density and fill level gauges [page 13]

1967-68 Metrology papers, by IN staff for Pulp & Paper magazine
for paper companies to better capitalize on significant economic and quality opportunities

IN's New Product Development [NPD] division was created in 1968
to develop new AccuRay systems using advanced electronics and computers

NPD's achievements are described in this 1969 Columbus Dispatch article

Industrial Nucleonics and AccuRay had the best Service Engineers.
1964 Cust. Eng. Org chart New Service and Sales Personel  
1964 So Area Eng. Meeting

"The AccuRaver" IN's Employee Magazine

Measurement System Sales brochures


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